Multicenter research of acute polyradiculoneuritis - GBSerbia

During 2014, under the supervision of the Scientific Committee of Serbian Society for Peripheral Nervous System and Society of Young Serbian Neurologists, multicenter research titled GBSerbia was initiated.

The primary goal of the research is to determine the time of occurrence of acute polyradiculoneuritis in our region for the past five years, and secondary to determine whether the precipitating factors, clinical manifestation of the disease, electrophysiological parameters, course and outcome of disease, differ in different clusters obtained by the analysis of time series . Tertiary and long-term goal is to collect data on patients who had previously diagnosed with GBS, in a single register for GBS, and to update them regularly with new patients on semi-annual basis.

The main researcher is prof. Dr Dragana Lavrnić, research coordinator Dr Stojan Perić, and technical research coordinator Dr Olivera Stojiljković.

Following clinical centers are included: Belgrade, Niš, Kragujevac, Novi Sad, Banja Luka, Podgorica and MMA.

GBSerbia is the first research of this kind from lines of similar, where we want to justify the existence and purpose of DMNS Scientific Committee and SUPNS Scientific Committee, and it is multicentric collaboration.


Research results:

Clinical and electrophysiological characteristics of GBS

In the following period, a well-established team continues with the formation of a database of patients with GBS. In addition, we defined several specific research focuses, including recurrent GBS and detailed description of patients according to disease variants.