Dear colleagues!

By filling the online application, application form and by payment of the membership fee you become a member the Society of Serbian Neurologists!

We inform you that from January 2015 payment of annual and semi-annual dues DNS / DMNS is only possible for the current year in a defined period of time, as follows:
- For colleagues who pay an annual membership fee, payment deadline is 31 January;
- For colleagues who pay semi-annual membership fee, payment deadline is 31 January for the first part and 31 July for the second part.
Note: As Society and due to administrative difficulties, we prefer payment by administrative measure, which can be started throughout the year.

The procedure of joining the Society of Neurologists Serbian:
1. Complete the application - online . (LINK).
2. Please pay attention on ways of payment of the membership fee and select the most suitable for you.
a) Payment of the annual membership fee in the amount of 4,800 dinars for neurologists over 40 _ and 2400 dinars for colleagues under the age of 40 _
b) Payment of the semi-annual membership fee in the amount of 2,400 dinars for neurologists over 40 _ and 1,200 dinars for colleagues under the age of 40 _
c) Payment of the membership fee by administrative measure - Decision on membership fee (horizontal menu)
3. Complete the Application Form (horizontal menu)

Membership fee can be paid through the current account 265-1620310003649-82 - Raiffeisen Bank.
It is essential that you type your name on the postal / bank payment slip in the section Reference No. After payment of the specified amount, it is necessary to submit signed application form to the Society of Serbian Neurologists, by fax: 011 268 45 77.

Opis procedure uplate članarine adimnistrativnom zabranom:
Ovaj način uplate članarine podrazumeva uplatu odbijanjem od Vaših ličnih primanja, a preko računovodstva u Vašoj ustanovi.
Odštampanu i potpisanu Pristupnicu zajedno sa Odlukom o visini članarine dostavite u računovodstvo svoje ustanove, radi regulisanja mesečnih obaveza. Neophodno je da na uplatnici u rublici Poziv na broj bude upisano Vaše ime i prezime.
Ukoliko to nije moguće, potvrdu o Vašoj uplati Račnovodstvo Vaše ustanove trebalo bi da pošalje putem mejla na adresu: ili putem pošte na adresu Društva neurologa Srbije. Nakon što su Vam u računovodstvu potvrdili mesečno uplaćivanje članarine, prema gore navedenom modelu neophodno je da potpisanu Pristupnicu pošaljete Društvu neurologa Srbije, putem faksa na broj: 0112684577.

Note: Pay attention to the information you provide about yourself. It will be kept in strict confidence and will only be used to communicate with you and to inform you about all activities of the Society of Serbian Neurologists. On the other hand, please aforementioned procedure of the Society membership respect in each segment, in order to enable us to have complete control over the process. In the case of inadequately filled application forms and payment slips access to the Society will not be possible, as well as the benefits that membership fee enables.

Communication with the Society can be done via mail at Neurology Department, Clinical Center of Serbia, 6 Doctor Subotić street, PO Box 12, 11129 Belgrade, in person at the same address , by phone 011 3064200, fax 0112684577 or online