"Department to Department" Exchange

Dear colleagues!
Society of Serbian Neurologists has included training through practical work in the priorities of its activities. Bearing in mind the diversity of the technical equipment and human resources, departments and neurological institutions in our country, and in order to provide more balanced educational progress, the Society of Serbian Neurologists plans to commence a "Department to Department program." This program, equivalent to similar programs of the European Federation of Neurological Societies, is meant to provide an opportunity for young neurologists who work in environments of lower resources than the average in the Republic of Serbia, to share their work experiences in technologically more advanced centers. Sharing Project: "Department to Department - Serbia" enables young neurologists, DMNS active members, to visit neurology departments at health centers in Serbia for their professional education.

Education obtaining conditions:

A candidate may be a doctor, an active member of DMNS, volunteer, researcher / project associate, clinical doctor, advanced student or specialists under the age of 40. Estimated stay is for a period of one month. Provided funds for the accommodation and residence equals 300 EUR (as RSD equivalent). During the one-month education, the candidate is required to provide a paid absence.

Apply by filling and enclosing:
- application form
- brief biography
- copy of ID with a photography
- letter of recommendation from the head of the parent department
- letter of motivation, which should include the name of the institution candidate is planning to stay and objective reasons that justify the need for this kind of education.

The applicant is required to obtain approval, prior to application, of the head / director of the institution of his employment, as well as call / approval for the visit by the head of department candidate wish to visit, as well as evidence on it (signed and facsimile statements, e -mail correspondence, etc.). In this document it is necessary to point out the name of a mentor for the intended training.

The entire documentation please send by mail to the following address:
Society of Serbian Neurologists, Clinical Center of Serbia
6 Doctor Subotic street, PO box 12
102 11129 Belgrade, Serbia;
and by e-mail: stipendija@drustvoneurologasrbije.org

Selection of candidates will be carried out according to the total sum of the points with priority of higher sum. The scoring system is predefined and considers:
1) status in the parent institution (specialist - 10, advanced student - 8, clinical doctor - 6, researcher / project associate - 4, volunteer - 2);
2) length of employment and / or volunteer work experience of candidate in the parent institution (each year - 1 point);
3) age = number of points
4) differences in the level of health care provided by the parent institution and the institution candidate wish to visit, where tertiary health care brings 1, secondary 2 and primary 3 points.

The selection of candidates will be performed by a team consisting of DNS presidency, DMNS presidency and the Committee for scholarships based on the above-defined criteria.
After the selection of candidates is done, chosen ones will be notified by mail and by e-mail about it. Competition results will be published on the DNS website.
Note: If there is a need, DMNS may assist the candidate to find favorable accommodation for the period of education.
Upon completion of education, user is required to submit a brief report on the stay, which should contain a general impression on the performance of education, the advantages and shortcomings of stay and, possibly, suggestions that would help in further development of exchange programs.

Application form link

Scholarship committee,
of Society of Young Serbian Neurologists


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