About "Sinapsa" magazine

Dear colleagues!

"Sinapsa" is Young Serbian Neurologists' free printed publication. It is a professional, informative and commercial magazine published in the past three years as a double issue (summer / winter).
It aims to educate and inform readers, primarily young neurologists, as well as to contribute to their affirmation. The magazine is registered in the National Library of Serbia under ISSN 2217 - 9879 and printed in 500 copies. The magazine is clearly structured, and its content includes : original papers, doctoral dissertations and master's theses in the form of standard scientific works and excerpts, articles' reviews, papers from the border areas, case studies, neurology and art column, did you know column, service information of the Society, reports from previous professional meetings ... etc.

The editorial board consists of young people, members of media committees from all parts of Serbia and the region, who have made great effort to compensate the lack of experience by learning, work and personal engagement. However, without help of our reviewers, all of this would be impossible. For all of us, feedback from you, our readers is crucial.
So please send all your suggestions via email to the following address: mediji@drustvoneurologasrbije.org



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