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Dear colleagues!

Portal of Society of Serbian Neurologist exists for more than two years and it is one of the tools of informing of the Society. So far we have followed the relevant events and archived publications, lectures in written electronic form, to be available to neurologists and doctors specializing in neurology.

2014 brought a change in our work. Video recordings. In addition to the regular activities of the DNS portal editorial board, conditions were created for video-recording of lectures and conferences. Video material is processed in post-production and optimized for the internet.

To make video material available to everyone and everywhere, we opened a YouTube channel - Society of Serbian Neurologists. So far, over 30 gb of video lectures was archived and this practice will continue. We invite you to add a channel to your watch-list (subscribe), and we will inform you about the latest activities. You can always leave your comments and suggestions under the video you are currently watching.

DNS channel has the option of video live streaming. We expect that the following happenings in the organization of DNS, will have the option of real time transfer.


Content of the video channel

The video material is divided into four PLAYLISTS - "Symposium", "School", "Congress", "Demonstration of neurological findings"


Your material

If you have video material you consider educational or informative for neurologists, and you want it to be uploaded on DNS Channel, please contact us via email at edukacija@drustvoneurologasrbije.org

In addition to the material it is necessary to send specific information:
Title: UEnter the exact name of the material that will be displayed and visible to viewers
Description: Description of video material, for viewers to find out more about plot.
Tags: words that can be related the material, and make it easier to search.
Time: Default time for presentation of material (eg. Monday, 7 February 2014 at 1400h), make sure that larger material takes more time to upload on the server and process on YOUTUBE.
Image: If there is a need to display the list of specified images as main, submit a picture in jpg or png format, ideally in 16: 9 resolution.

Of course, mentioned information is optional and serves to speed up processing. We are grateful to all current and future associates.

Latest Videos


DNS + YouTube

We have singled out currently up-to-date materials ...

Congress - playlist


"Parkinson's disease - from transmitter to protein"
Academician Vladimir S. Kostić

School - playlist


"Venous infarcts"
Dr Milija Mijajlović

Symposium - playlist


"Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy"
Dr Ivana Basta

Findings - playlist


"Experience with intracranial hypotension"